707, 2020

The Importance of Skin Cancer Screenings

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The Importance of Skin Cancer Screenings Amidst these summer months, you may be spending quite a bit of time out in the sun enjoying the nice weather. While sunscreen and protective clothing are great at helping prevent sun damage, they are not the only steps you should take to help protect yourself from the dangers of skin cancer. Here at Dayton Skin Care, we want to educate our patients on the importance of skin cancer awareness and early detection. Skin [...]

1906, 2020

How to Prepare for Summer: Avoiding the Top 5 Summer Skin Problems

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How to Prepare for Summer: Avoiding the Top 5 Summer Skin Problem Many of us are ready for summer and all it has to offer. Are you counting down the days until you can go to the beach? Has your community pool opened up yet? Maybe you are looking forward to hiking through your favorite park? Unfortunately, the summer is prime time for skin problems. While some skin irritations can’t be avoided, many can be prevented. We’ve listed the top [...]

1503, 2020

Keratosis Pilaris

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What is Keratosis Pilaris? Have you ever spotted small red bumps on your upper arms or along your thighs? Did you pick at them expecting them to be pimples but became frustrated and confused with their sandpaper texture and lasting appearance? You may have Keratosis Pilaris, a common skin condition caused by buildup and blockage within hair follicles or pores. WHAT IS KERATOSIS PILARIS? Keratosis Pilaris is a common skin condition that is caused by the buildup of keratin (hair protein) [...]

502, 2020

Laser Treatments at Dayton Skin Care

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Laser Treatments at Dayton Skin Care It’s never too early to start preparing for the fun-in-the-sun days of summer! Everyone wants to have a sexy, smooth look when wearing their swimsuits or summer outfits. Even though the weather is chilly now, it’s a perfect time to consider undergoing laser hair removal in preparation for the upcoming summer. Dayton Skin Care in Dayton, OH offers laser hair removal, tattoo removal, spider vein removal, and more to help you get the smooth, [...]

1501, 2020

Top New Year’s Resolutions That May be Affecting Your Skin

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Top New Year’s Resolutions That May be Affecting Your Skin As we enter the new year, you may be considering some new year’s resolutions to improve the quality of your skin. While many new “fad diets” can promise to illuminate your skin, they might not be the best option to help you reach your skincare goals. Additionally, some exercise routines and a lack of sleep can be counterproductive when it comes to improving skin quality. Here at Dayton Skin Care [...]

1211, 2019

Don’t Let Your Hands Give Away Your Age!

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Hand Rejuvenation with Dr. Gwyn King Every year millions of us try to hide signs of aging by improving and preventing the sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and folds that appear on our faces, however, our true age may be seen the most when we look at our hands. The backs of our hands receive more sun exposure than other parts of our body, which causes the skin to age more rapidly; resulting in volume loss, reduced elasticity, thinning skin, [...]