Dayton Skin Care’s Guide to Beautiful Summer Skin

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Dayton Skin Care’s Guide to Beautiful Summer Skin

Happy summer!  This time of year brings bar-be-ques, pool days and trying to beat the heat. It’s also time for a skincare shake-up. Just like you did for winter, now is the time to create your summer skincare routine.

Changing your skincare routine for summer

Though it can be tempting to stick to your favorite products all year long, changing your skincare routine seasonally can help keep your skin clear all year long. Every season, we change up our wardrobe to match the temperature outside. Why not our skincare routine, too?

In the colder months, your skin is much more likely to be dry and itchy, but in the warmer months, oily skin can be frustrating. Sweat and more outdoor time can lead to clogged pores and the need for products that can help keep your skin from producing too much oil, which can cause problems at any age. Here are some tips to update your summer skincare routine and keep your glow all season.


If you’ve been using a heavy moisturizer or thick creams, summer may be the time to change these products up. Depending on your skin type, you might find your skin less dry or flaky as the weather warms up, which means you can switch out and use lighter weight products. If you have dry skin year-round, you may want to consider adding a light weight oil with a lighter moisturizer. Keeping oil blotting towelettes on-hand can also help keep excess oil at bay.


If you really don’t want to pack on the products this summer, consider wearing a tinted moisturizer. Sometimes, if you’re out in the sun or in a place where you’re sweating from the heat, foundation can feel like a little too much on your skin. Especially if you don’t have water and sweat proof foundation, it can slip and slide on your skin. However, a tinted moisturizer can provide your skin the moisture you need and some coverage. That way, you can get the benefits of foundation without having to add another product to your summer routine.  Dayton Skin Care’s Aesthetician, Ashley, says her summer favorite  is Alastin’s HydraTint:


We should actually wear sunscreen all year long. Any exposure to the sun’s rays can cause sun damage and increase the risk of skin cancer. However, in the warmer months, it’s especially important to keep your skin protected. If you’re spending a day at the pool, lake or backyard, be sure to always wear a broad-spectrum, water resistant SPF 30 sunscreen. Be sure to keep re-applying sunscreen while you’re outside. Remember, tanning beds are not a good substitute, either. One tanning bed or lamp session can increase your risk of sun damage and skin cancer. Instead, try sunless tanning this summer. Dayton Skin Care is a stickler for sun protection. Check out our full line of sunscreens:

Hair removal

This summer, you might be looking to have smooth, hairless skin. Whether it’s your face, beard, legs, underarms, bikini line or anywhere else you want to be hair-free, remember to exfoliate and moisturize to avoid razor burn. Shaving can be a little tedious, though. Consider laser hair removal for a more permanent solution that doesn’t involve a razor! Laser hair removal can be done on almost any part of the body, including bikini, legs, arms, chest, back shoulders, stomach, neck chin and sideburns.  Check out what Dayton Skin Care has to offer:

Summer is here!

These tips can help keep you glowing and your skin happy this season. Whether you’re lounging at the beach or just Keep your skin hydrated without being oily and avoid sun damage for a summer full of healthy skin. How are you going to change up your skincare routine for summer?

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