Aesthetic Dermatology- Laser Skin Treatment

Today’s lasers can treat a wide variety of skin conditions including wrinkles, lines, unwanted vessels, facial discoloration, brown and red spots, acne and acne scars. Lasers deliver precise bursts of light that remove the upper layers of skin to reveal younger and healthier tissue. These treatments combined with a quality skin care regimen will achieve lasting results: smooth, clear and more youthful looking skin.

Unwanted body hair? If you are looking for a smooth appearance without the daily hassle of shaving, waxing, or threading then laser hair removal is the answer. Lasers deliver fast, safe, and effective hair removal for all skin types, year-round, regardless of skin color or tan. They target the melanin inside the hair shaft and are extremely effective on dark and course hair, but will not work on blond or grey hair.

Unwanted tattoo? A tattoo used to be a choice that would be with you forever. Now that tattoo can be a thing of the past. See us for safe, effective laser tattoo removal.

Laser Treatments

Quick, Nearly Painless and Little to No Downtime

Laser treatment is a relatively quick and painless procedure with little to no downtime. Laser treatment is perfect to enhance those minor imperfections.

Our practice offers several types of laser therapy and the most current laser technology to treat the following conditions:

Angiomas | Brown and Red Spots | Facial Veins
Hair Removal | Pigmentation | Pigmented Lesions 
Port Wine Stains | Rosacea | Scars | Tattoos Removal | Warts