2008 – 2009 Fellow, Dayton Skin Surgery Center
Dr. Chavez-Frazier is a board certified dermatologist. She attended the University of Texas in Houston, where she completed her Residency in Dermatology, after which she did a Clinical Research Fellowship in Psoriasis and Phototherapy at the University of California in San Francisco. Dr. Chavez-Frazier has received high honors such as Magna Cum Laude of her 1999 class at Rice University, the Distinguished Minority Student Scholar Award, and numerous scholarships for her academic achievements.

Dr. Frazier is currently practicing as a Mohs surgeon with Park Avenue Dermatology in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Chavez-Frazier has written over twenty articles in professional journals and textbooks about Dermatologic conditions. She has also presented various studies, posters, and scientific papers at various national professional meetings.