More than 15 million Americans deal with excessive sweating.*

Primary axillary hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessive and unpredictable underarm sweating due to overactive sweat glands. Uncontrollable sweating can lead to significant physical and emotional discomfort and embarrassment.

We can help.

Dayton Skin is proud to offer Qbrexza (glycopyrronium), the first and only FDA-approved prescription cloth towelette for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating in people 9 years of age and older.

After four weeks of use in Qbrexza’s clinical trials, 77% of patients said their sweating was much or moderately better and 60% reported less severe sweat.

By making Qbrexza a part of your once-daily routine, its glycopyrronium solution works to restrain neurotransmitters on overactive sweat glands.

If your underarm sweat occurs without any physical or emotional reason, isn’t successfully managed with antiperspirants or deodorants, and is negatively impacting your life, let us help. Our board-certified physicians can learn about your symptoms and talk to you about treatment options to see if Qbrexza is right for you.

Let us help you feel happy, healthy, and confident in your skin.

* Doolittle, J., Walker, P., Mills, T., & Thurston, J. (October 15, 2016). Hyperhidrosis: an update on prevalence and severity in the United States.