What To Expect at Your Appointment

💥Preparing for Your Appointment
We have instituted several policies for everyone’s safety. Please review these new policies before your appointment so you know what to expect and to help keep things flowing smoothly.
Please be patient with us as together we navigate providing healthcare during a pandemic.

💥Appointment Reminders: Once you have scheduled an appointment, stay tuned for a friendly appointment reminder either via text, phone call or email.

💥Upon Arrival: You will be greeted at the door for a temperature check by one of our wonderful staff members. Then head inside to the front desk for check in.
Facial Coverings: In compliance with CDC guidelines, we ask that all our patients bring their own face covering to wear inside our facilities. Learn more about the use of face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

💥While You Wait for Your Appointment: If adequate space is available, you may wait for your appointment in the waiting room but if space is not sufficient, we will ask you to please wait in your car until a patient room is ready. A team member will call, or text to notify you when your room is ready. Waiting rooms are also configured to ensure six feet of distance between seats.

💥Pre-Appointment COVID-19 Questions: When patients make or confirm appointments, we ask the following questions. If any of them are affirmative, we will reschedule your appointment:
-Do you currently have, or have you had a fever (>100.4F) within the last 14 days?
-Do you currently have, or have you had a cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste or smell within the last 14 days?
-Have you come into contact (within six feet) with anyone known to be infected with COVID-19?

💥Minimizing Contact:
We have redesigned our appointment protocols to ensure that we minimize any unnecessary contact with individuals other than with the professionals providing patient care. This just means that you will see less people inside our clinic than you were accustomed to in the past.

We ask that you do not bring a companion with you to your appointment unless required for safety, legal, or medical reasons.

If your appointment requires that you have someone drive you home, and you do not need assistance to enter our facility, please ask your companion to wait in the car during your appointment.

💥Additional Safety Measures to Protect Your Health
Employees are required to have temperature checks twice a day.
-Employees are equipped with personal protection equipment, and masks as required.
-Employees with any sign of illness are asked to not report to work.
-Proper handwashing is required and hand sanitizers are placed through-out the office.
-Our locations are routinely cleaned and sanitized throughout the day as per AAD and CDC guidelines. Measures include sanitizing common areas and exam rooms between patients and at the end of each day.
-Hand sanitizer dispensers are placed in all common areas, including waiting rooms.
-COVID-19 educational information and infection-control practices are posted within our facilities.

Stay healthy and safe